Under The Knife

Hello Family, Friends and Sisters,

I took two days off of my blog to consider if I wanted to share what I am about to share with you guys. So if you are not a person who believes in going under the knife, then this post is NOT for you!

SO!…where do I begin? I AM GOING UNDER THE KNIFE! I have undergone 2 breast augmentations that have failed me. I started out with 325cc’s  saline back in 2000. Right at the 10 year mark the implant began to deflate and one day one I looked down and it was GONE! In 2006 I replaced the implants and when a little bigger getting 525cc’s saline. I was very happy with the outcome of my new implants and couldn’t have felt better. So after having my second child I assumed that the implants were a go and they would be just fine. Well…I was wrong. Right at the 10 year mark and the warranty is up…AGAIN…my implants deflated and left me feeling devastated.  I didn’t want to be seen, go out, be out in public or even take off my shirts because I didn’t want my other half to be turned off by the site of my saggy and deflated breast.

Luckily, he made me feel confident and told me that no matter what I decided, he would support me and my decision if I decided to have them removed completely. I thought to myself, “How will they look?” “I don’t want to look a boy again!” and “there is no way I am letting HIM see me with no boobies!” Well you guys, I am having them redone and going for the new and improved “Gummies!” To be honest, I have been in so much pain and I knew that if I removed them the psychological impact would be damaging! So as I prepare for my surgery next week, I will be starting my meal prep to get this body back in shape and moving again. These muscles are stiff and I have just been lazy, working and being mommy along with being his peace! I will keep you guys updated on the pre-op and the surgery.

I’m excited and scared at the same time! xo

Love you,



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