Girl’s Night Out…Laugh Out Loud


Good day Family, friends and sisters,

Last night was girls night out! I have to say “I had an awesome and amazing evening out with the ladies!” We attended  The F*N Funny Comedy show hosted by Tony King. In attendance were some amazingly funny comedians! Comedian Tressa, Shabaz Playtime Ward, Brandy Adams, Jeff Shelly and my all time favorite Keisha Hunt, and they all brought the house down! We laughed so hard I believe that I lost a lash!

It felt good to get out and have fun. You know, we have to find time to step away from work, our businesses, the children, the husbands and everything else and have a night out with just the girls. Let your hair down, kick back and enjoy yourself. I can’t tell you guys how good it felt to laugh so hard and be around good company, and with the kind of friends that we can trust and cut loose with. You know, the kind of friends that you don’t have to worry about are they are talking behind your, trying to steal your man and are only around as opportunist!

Last night was girl’s night out and I hope that you have a group of women that YOU CALL YOUR FRIENDS that you can laugh with and you guys support each other. If you are hanging around people that you have to question…it’s time to change your circle. I pray that your circle of friends are not only your friends but YOUR CIRCLE OF LIFE!






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