Believe in YOURSELF no matter what!

Good day Family, Friends and Sisters,

I was having breakfast this morning and many of you crossed my mind. When I wake up and finish my prayer, I go straight to my Instagram and Facebook to see what’s going on in the world. I use to think it was crazy to go to my social media accounts to see what’s happening but the truth is…you can find out just about anything from social media.

As I did my morning scroll on social media, I saw a few posts that grabbed my attention. There were lots of women who were trying to figure out their next move, Women who don’t believe in themselves or their brand because social media has them thinking that they have to look a certain way or have a certain job to obtain the things that they want, and a few fellas who are sitting in that same boat. I want to encourage  you today to believe in yourself no matter what the situation looks like. I want you to know that whatever it is that you are going through will pass. You don’t have to look like all of the women who are famous because of their half naked bodies. You are beautiful just the way you are. Fellas, the same thing for you. You don’t have to bulk up and have an 8 pack or grow a beard to fit in. You are fine, but gals and fellas…if you feel like a little fine tuning is what you need that’s fine too. But let it be because that is what you want, not what society says is OK.

Believe in yourself, believe in your brand, believe that what you want is YOURS. Know that if you want to look a certain way, work out first and if you can’t obtain the desired results…then…you go another route.  If your business is failing or you can’t catch a break…it’s only a test and your break through is coming, you just have to keep working hard and pushing forward.

Believe in YOURSELF no matter what!

Love you,


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